Classes & Fees


Introductory Classes

Mary Lee Barron PhD, APRN, FNP-BC, FAANP


     St.Margaret Mary Alacoque (second Monday at 6:30pm)

            South County (check for onsite or virtual)


Mary Doerr MSN, RN

     St. Ferdinand (North County), St. Joseph-Cottleville (St. Charles County)


Emily Grimm BSN, RN


     Incarnate Word Parish (first Tuesday at 6:30pm)

            West County (check for onsite or virtual)


Sarah Reiter BSN, RN


     Sacred Heart-Valley Park (first Wednesday at 6:30pm)

            Southwest County


Because of secular and liturgical calendars, dates of Introductory sessions may vary.

To check for a class time and location (some of the sessions may be virtual). please go to the St. Louis Archdiocesan website and select Marquette Method under Introductory sessions (listed alphabetically by method):


The cost of the introductory session only is $50 per couple.

After the Introductory Class you will be guided by the instructor on next steps!

Follow-up classes

Including introductory session, the total cost of instruction is $175.00. This covers all visits for the first year.

For couples new to NFP, there is a minimum of 3 classes. This varies for couples who are transferring from another method or just want a refresher.

If the couple wants to schedule a visit after the first year (perhaps after a baby for example) the cost per visit is $40. A receipt can be given for submission to the insurance companies as NFP cost is often reimbursable.

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